QC Toxicity Testing
Mouse Embryo Assay

Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA), utilizing one and two-cell embryos, is a reliable and acceptable quality system for detecting toxic factors within an embryo culture system.

Utilizing FRESHLY HARVESTED one-cell or two-cell mouse embryos, Embryotech Labs (ELI) offers customized MEA for evaluation of raw materials, complete culture media, culture media supplements and various disposable items. Our facility operates under strict GMP guidelines, which allows us to provide accurate Certificates of Analysis with confidence. Following is a brief summary of the MEA offered by ELI.

  • Fresh embryos are harvested from superovulated female B6C3F-1 x B6D2F-1 mice at a standard predetermined hour, post-hCG.
  • One-cell embryos are treated with hyaluronidase and then transferred to M2 where they are graded and pooled. Two-cell embryos are not subjected to the enzyme rinse.
  • The standard assay consists of 21 embryos per test item and includes a 15-embryo control in proven media. Both the test and control embryos are set up in triplicate under oil and cultured in 5% CO2 at 37°C until they are scored for development to expanded blastocysts.
  • Development for the one-cell assay is noted at 24 and 96 hours. The two-cell assay is scored only once at 72 hours.
  • ELI requires greater than 70% blastocyst formation from the control group to validate the one-cell assay. Minimum blastocyst rate is 80% for the two-cell assay.
  • Certificates of Analysis, following strict GMP guidelines, are prepared and results are reported immediately after final scoring. The hard copy is faxed or e-mailed and the original is mailed to your facility.

Testing is performed at ELI Monday through Friday and test items are received 7 days per week. Because of this flexible schedule, we offer an immediate turnaround time of 5-7 business days from test article receipt to reporting results.

Note: The mouse strain, embryo stage and other assay details are only guidelines and can be modified to suit your particular requirements.